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High speed machining center machining process

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High speed machining center machining process

High-speed cutting and machining center pre-preparation to determine the technical requirements of typical parts, high-speed machining center, machining center, processing the workpiece batch, to develop the functions of the CNC machining center is to do a good job of preparatory, reasonable selection of CNC machining centers, the premise to meet the typical Process requirements for parts The process requirements for typical parts are mainly the part size, processing range and accuracy requirements. According to the accuracy requirements, namely the workpiece size accuracy, positioning accuracy and surface roughness requirements to select the CNC machining center control accuracy.


Feature Description:

First, high rigidity, heavy cutting
◆ Super-large column is stable, high-speed displacement can not be deformed 48m / min.
◆ Super-span base, mining six-point support structure, solid, high-speed displacement, no vibration, no deformation.
◆ Three-axis high-speed displacement up to 48m/min, fast speed, saving processing time.
◆ Low-inertia spindle design, high-speed boring and machining center with high stability, and quick and accurate tool change of the clamp arm magazine, the tool change time is 1.2 seconds. It is very suitable for drilling smaller diameters and holes in addition to parts processing.
◆ The machine body design has a large inclined plane cutting machine tool is more humane and excellent environmental protection.
◆ Herringbone rigid column design, effectively enhance the rigidity of the column to avoid processing vibration.
◆ The machine tool zui has finally passed the laser interferometer inspection and laser circle inspection, providing high-quality circular cutting, faster displacement, and more subtle forward and reverse milling machining, which is more efficient than traditional machine tools.

High speed machining center

Second, the control system characteristics

Mitsubishi CNC system adopts world advanced*, all adopt servo drive to ensure the control system has high stability, high speed, smooth surface, high precision, and has the function of manufacturing molds. It is the best choice for mold production. .
◆ High speed machining centers All controllers are equipped with a RISC 64 bit CPU.
◆ It is compatible with Ethernet and IC card interface.
◆ Coordinate display value conversion can be switched freely (program value display or manual insertion amount display switching)
◆ Standard internal carrier-shaped display function, work position coordinate and center point measurement function.
◆Buffer correction function expansion: It can correspond to IC card/computer link B/DNC/MDI mode.
◆ The editing mode in the editing screen can be switched to full-page editing or full-name editing.

◆ Graphics display function improvement: It can include prop path data to fully display the actual coordinates of work coordinates and props compensation.

◆ Simple dialogue program software (developed using APLC, Magicpro_NAVIMILL dialog program).

◆ High-speed machining center can correspond to PLC development software of Windows 95/98/2000NT40/ME/XP.

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