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The characteristics of high-speed attack machining center and the reasons for its selection.

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High speed machining center It is usually called "drilling and milling center", "drilling and milling center", "drilling and milling center", "drilling and milling center", which is mainly used to process light and small metal, not suitable for heavy cutting configuration, usually using clip arm type knife library or servo knife library.

Characteristics of high speed machining center machine
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First, the high-speed machining center machine is the fastest and high precision machine tool with cutting, drilling and tapping the teeth in the market. It is smaller than the traditional vertical machining center, which is derived from the traditional metal cutting machine tool vertical machining center (computer gong).

Two, cutting conditions can not be observed directly. At present, we can only rely on experience. We can judge whether the cutting process is normal by listening to the sound, looking at chips, observing the appearance of machine tools load, pressure gauge, touch vibration and so on.

Three, the cutting heat is not easy to spread. In the general cutting process, 80% of the cutting heat is taken away by the chip, while the deep hole drilling only has a large proportion of the 40%. cutting heat, which is delayed and overheated, and the cutting temperature of the cutting edge is up to 600 degrees. The forced and effective cooling method must be adopted.

Four, the chip is not easy to discharge. Because of the depth of the hole. The chip passes through a long path, so it is easy to block and cause the bit to collapse. Therefore, the length and shape of chips should be controlled and mandatory chip removal should be carried out.

Five. The rigidity of the process system is poor. Due to the limitation of the size of the hole, the length of the hole is larger. The drill pipe is thin and long, and the rigidity is poor. It is easy to generate vibration and the drilling is easy to deviate. Therefore, the support guide is very important.

What are the reasons for choosing high-speed machining centers?

Now some people often say, if we do not go out for a year, we can not keep up with the pace of the times, but the little editor would like to say it is not a year, and one month will not go out without going out. This fully illustrates the rapid discovery of the present society, the pace of life is getting faster and faster, and the efficiency is getting higher and higher.

In the field of metal cutting, the basic machining functions such as drilling, attack and milling have no problems on the vertical CNC milling machine. However, with the change of the times, the requirements are slowly unable to meet the higher requirements of the customers. People are looking for faster, higher precision and more environmentally friendly processing equipment. It is to meet these needs to be born.

Usually there are several characteristics of high speed processing center machine.

The first is the small. In appearance, the high speed machining center usually is generally small in shape, usually can be carried by manual vehicle, and it can be transported into the floor shop. The maximum travel X axis of machine tools generally does not exceed 700mm, and the Y axis does not exceed 400mm. It is very suitable for processing small parts such as 3G industry, electronics industry, medical equipment and so on.

The next is fast. The moving speed of machine tool is at least 48m/min, usually 60m/min, and the acceleration of fast moving can reach more than 1G. The spindle speed is at least 10000rpm, usually 12000rpm. Especially in the speed of tapping the thread, the speed of the high speed attack machining center has especially promoted the function of this aspect. The speed of the attack thread can reach more than 3000rpm, and the maximum can reach 6000rpm, which is many times faster than the ordinary vertical machining center. BT30 tool changing speed is usually less than 1.2 seconds, the fastest can reach 0.6 seconds, which saves half the tool changing time than vertical machining center.

Again, it's environmental protection. The high speed machining center is 2 times more efficient than the vertical machining center, and the more efficient it is, the more environmentally friendly it is. The high speed attack machining center has small size and occupies 21% less space than the vertical machining center. The consumption of energy consumption is reduced by 70% compared with the vertical processing center.

In the future, the metal cutting equipment will be specialized and special, and the high speed machining center will have a greater development. It will be applied to the processing of small parts, such as milling planes and boring holes, except drilling and tapping threads. In the future, in conjunction with the use of robots and the real-time online diagnosis of the Internet, the continuous production of unattended and continuous production can be achieved for 24 hours, and the production efficiency and automation can be further improved.