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How to correctly clean the cooling system of Shenzhen CNC lathe

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How to correctly clean the cooling system of Shenzhen CNC lathe

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How to correctly clean the cooling system of Shenzhen CNC lathe? How to maintain the numerical control equipment for a certain period of time and how to properly maintain the cooling system? The following is explained in detail by the Xu Yang machine tool.

1. Observe the oil mark on the front of the water tank. When the cooling water is reduced, it should be replenished in time. Under normal circumstances, the water distribution around the spindle should at least make the oil filter of the suction inlet of the cooling pump completely out of the water.

2, when the cooling water is polluted and deteriorated, it should be replaced in time. The plug is released from the bottom of the water tank, and then the water tank is cleaned and then the new and clean coolant is put into the tank.

3, the cooling water tank is divided into two chambers, water tank and pump box. The filter is easy to put forward when cleaning, and it is convenient to clean. In addition, a filter is installed at the entrance of the cooling pump. The above two kinds of devices should be checked and cleaned in time after the numerical control lathe is used for a certain time.

4, under normal circumstances, oil filters and filters are cleaned every two months. In the realization of punctual, high quality and low cost production, the trigger probe can provide more support than just looking for the positive workpiece. That is to say, it is also of great value to directly examine the geometric accuracy of the machined workpiece in a CNC lathe. Because through this direct accuracy test, we can quickly detect programming errors and tool defects, as well as the adverse consequences of processing.
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The measurement on the three coordinate measuring instrument only indicates whether the processed workpiece is in conformity with the requirements and can not be used to distinguish the effects between the CNC lathes, the cutting tools and the process. If the machining deviation of the workpiece is measured, it is difficult to get the actual cause of the deviation. Therefore, the appropriate or necessary corrective measures can not be reliably obtained from the results of this measurement.

The cooling device of Shenzhen CNC lathe is as important as the lubricating device. Good cooling can improve the processing quality of the workpiece and the life of the parts of the CNC machine tool. Under normal circumstances, the daily maintenance of the cooling device is mainly the coolant supply, replacement and cleaning of the filter device.