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Dividing principle of machining process and working step of CNC lathe

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Dividing principle of machining process and working step of CNC lathe

The working procedure is divided by the clamping positioning method of the parts.

Due to the different shape of each part and the different technical requirements of each surface, there are different ways of positioning in the process. When machining parts in general, they should be positioned in the inner shape and positioned in the shape when the parts are processed. The process can be divided according to the different positioning methods.

Divide and process according to the order of rough and fine work:

According to the processing precision, rigidity and deformation of CNC parts, the working procedure can be divided according to the principle of separating the rough and fine processing, that is, the rough machining first, and then the finishing process. At this time, different machine tools or different tools can be used for processing. Usually, during one installation, parts of a part are not allowed to be machined, and then the other surfaces of the parts are processed.

In order to reduce the number of knife change, shorten the running time of the empty travel and reduce the unnecessary positioning error, the processing procedure of the parts can be divided according to the method of using the same tool to concentrate the processing procedure. Wherever possible, use the same tool to process all parts that can be machined, and then replace the other tool with other parts. This method is often used in special CNC machine tools and machining centers.

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Division of work steps: the division of work steps is mainly considered from two aspects: the precision of hardware parts and the efficiency of production. In a process, it is often necessary to use different cutting tools and cutting parameters to process different surfaces. In order to facilitate analysis and description of complex parts, it is subdivided into work steps in the process.

The principle of the division of work step is:

The same surface is processed by rough machining, semi finishing and finishing, or all processed surfaces are processed separately after rough machining and finishing.

For parts that have milling planes and boring surfaces, they can be machined by milling first and then boring. By dividing the steps according to this method, the machining accuracy of high holes can be raised. Because the cutting force is larger when milling the plane, the machining of hardware parts is prone to deformation. After milling the plane and boring, it can restore the deformation for a period of time and reduce the influence of the deformation on the accuracy of the hole.

Divide the work step by using the tool. The turning time of some machine tool worktables is shorter than that of tool changing. The steps can be divided according to the use of cutting tools to reduce the number of tool changing and improve machining efficiency.