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The difficulty of CNC lathe processing

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The difficulty of CNC lathe processing

Because the machine tool is different, the material is different, the cutting way is different, the tool is different, and the parameters are set not the same. Because there are so many different kinds of the resolution to the numerical control processing to a certain level, whether it is in the processing or programming, it is to pass. It takes a long time to complete; so how do we differentiate the machining process? It is necessary to pay attention to the layout and process of the parts, the function of the machine tool, and the content of the NC parts processing, the number of times and the condition of the production arrangement. The situation will be determined, and it should be reasonable.

And there is a certain method of distinguishing the processing procedure of the CNC lathe in Dongguan. The first is to use the tool concentration sequence method, that is to say, to distinguish the working procedure according to the tool used, and use the same tool to complete the parts that can be finished on all parts, when the second knife or the third knife can be used. The parts of all parts are finished. This will not only reduce the question of changing the number of the knife, but also reduce the time of the empty distance. The greater advantage is to reduce the unnecessary positioning error.

Then it is the partial order method of the processing part, which refers to the parts with much more processing content. This partial order method is to divide the processing parts according to its layout characteristics, such as the inner shape, the shape, the surface and the plane and so on. In general, it is necessary to process flat surface, then position the surface, and finally the addition of holes. To work, it is to say that after processing from a simple geometry, then the parts of the complex geometry can be processed, and some parts of the lower precision are processed first, then the parts with higher precision are processed. For those parts that are easily machined, the order method is due to the possible deformation of the CNC lathe after rough machining, and the need to get the shape of the fruit, so that if the parts to be rough and refined are to be separated.CNC lathe machining center |

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