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operation steps of CNC lathe

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operation steps of CNC lathe

The purpose of Dongguan CNC lathe debugging is to check whether the CNC lathe installation is stable, and whether the transmission, control and control systems are normal, sensitive and reliable.

The commissioning and commissioning work is carried out in the following steps:

Fill the lubrication point according to the instructions, fill the hydraulic oil tank with the required hydraulic oil and connect the gas source.

When the power is supplied, each component will be supplied with electricity or the components will be electrified once and then fully powered. Observe whether the components are alarms, manual parts are observed normally, and whether the safety devices work. Even if all parts of the CNC lathe can be operated and moved.

After the initial operation of the CNC lathe, the geometric accuracy of the CNC lathe is adjusted roughly, and the relative positions of the main moving parts and the main engine are adjusted. The manipulator, tool magazine, exchange worktable, location and so on. After the work is done, quick dry cement can be used to kill the anchor bolts of the main engine and the accessories, and reserve the bolts for all the feet of Kong Guanping.

Debug and prepare all kinds of testing tools, such as precision level, standard square ruler, parallel square tube, etc.

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The level of CNC lathe is adjusted to make the geometric precision of the NC lathe reach the allowable error range, and the multi pad support is adopted, the bed body is adjusted to the level in the free state, and the stability of the bed adjustment is ensured.

Manually adjust the position of the mechanical palm to the spindle, and adjust the heart bar. When the maximum weight knife handle is installed, it is necessary to carry out automatic exchanges between the tool magazine and the spindle position, so that it is accurate and accurate.

The worktable is moved to the exchange position, the relative position of the tray station and the exchange table is adjusted to achieve the smooth operation of the worktable, and the maximum load of the worktable is installed, and the exchange is carried out for many times.

Check whether the set parameters of the CNC system and the programmable controller PLC device conform to the prescribed data in the random data, and then test the main operating functions, the safety measures, the execution of the commonly used instructions and so on. Check the working conditions of accessories, such as lighting, cooling shield, various protective boards, etc.

After the installation and debugging of a processing center, because of its various functions, after installation, it can be automatically run for a long time under a certain load, and the function of the CNC lathe is complete and stable. The running time can be 8 hours a day for 2 to 3 days, or 1 to 2 days every 24 hours. An examination program can be used for continuous operation.