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The characteristics, processing methods and selection of CNC lathes

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The characteristics, processing methods and selection of CNC lathes

CNC lathe is a high precision and high efficiency automatic machine tool. Equipped with multi - position knife tower or power cutter tower, it has a wide range of processing technology performance. It can process linear cylinder, slant cylinder, arc and various threads, grooves, worm and other complicated work pieces. It is widely used in the electrical, instrument and instrument industry, automobile, motorcycle accessories, fasteners, bearings, photographic equipment, film machinery, hardware tools and clocks, eyes, cultural and educational supplies, motor, valve, gas pipe and other high precision complex parts. It is the most ideal high efficiency in the hardware machinery industry. Prepare.
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CNC lathe developed on the basis of ordinary lathes, but its automation has been greatly improved. The automatic control system of CNC lathe is mainly composed of single chip microcomputer. By controlling the program, the longitudinal and lateral feed device and the knife change device are controlled, and the machining of the parts is finished automatically.

The processing methods of numerical control lathes are also different. The NC lathe's operation is over, and the tool can't return to zero. The main reason for this phenomenon is the failure of the control system. At the same time, the speed of the stepping motor is low, the low voltage power supply is used, and the program returns to zero when the program is back to zero. At this time, the step motor is required to run at a high speed, and the high voltage drive power is used to make the output torque increase and ensure the normal return to zero. There is a switch triode that controls the output of the high voltage drive power supply. When the switch triode is damaged and the high speed zero, the high voltage power supply can not be opened, the output torque of the stepping motor is not enough, resulting in the return zero step, the tool can not return to the original point, and the switch triode can be eliminated for this fault.

Selection of numerical control lathes in Dongguan

1. preparatory preparation

The process requirements of typical parts and the batch of workpiece are determined. The functions of numerical control lathes should be prepared in the early stage, and the prerequisite conditions of numerical control lathes are reasonably selected to meet the requirements of the typical parts.

The technological requirements of typical parts are mainly the structural size, processing scope and accuracy requirements of parts. According to the accuracy requirements, namely the size accuracy, positioning accuracy and surface roughness of workpiece, the control accuracy of CNC lathe is selected.

According to reliability, reliability is the guarantee of improving product quality and production efficiency. The reliability of CNC machine tools refers to the long time stable operation without failure when the machine executes its functions under specified conditions. That is, the average failure free time is long. Even if there is a fault, it can be resumed in a short time and put into operation again. Choose machine tools with reasonable structure, well made and mass production. Generally, the more users are, the better the post evaluation is, and the higher the reliability of CNC system.

2. machine tool accessories and tools purchase

Machine tools random accessories, spare parts and their supply capacity and cutting tools are very important for the CNC lathe and turning center. Selecting machine tools requires careful consideration of the matching of cutting tools and accessories.

3. pay attention to the identity of the control system

Manufacturers generally choose the same manufacturer's products, at least purchase the same manufacturer's control system, which will bring great convenience to the maintenance work. Teaching units, because students need to be knowledgeable, choose different systems and equipped with various simulation software is a wise choice.

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